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Whether it’s for your home or office, it’s worth investing in a top-quality heating and cooling system. Not only does it cut your power bill, but it also keeps you and your friends and family comfortable, warm and healthy all year round. While doing your bit for the planet.

At Mint Plumbing, we’re specialists in central heating solutions, including energy-efficient initiatives.

Our team can help design and install heating systems to fit your budget and home. We’ve worked on many successful projects, helping Kiwi families transform their homes.

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Our energy-efficient heating solutions include:

Active Ceiling - Heating and Cooling

Messana Active Ceiling systems can be powered by 3 possible heat source options; electricity, gas or diesel. Each appliance is unique, with differing benefits depending on what is the right fit for you, your budget and your home or business.

Active Ceiling draws on the effect of radiant energy to create a highly effective form of heating and cooling that suits the residential and commercial market. The solution is hidden in the ceiling structure. Warm or cool water is circulated through the panels, which adds or removes energy from the space below. There is no air movement or air blowers to move around dust particles and no recirculation of air. As a result, those who invest in Active Ceiling can enjoy a healthier form of comfort for their home or business.

What’s more, Active Ceiling provides a uniform form of heating and cooling with a consistent temperature from one part of the home to the next. The floor surface will warm or cool in unison with the ceiling, indirectly absorbing the radiant energy.

Active Ceiling differs significantly from a traditional radiant floor heating system, such as underfloor heating. There is less mass to heat or cool, and it doesn’t need to bypass carpeting and rugs. This form of heating is responsive, uniform, and healthy for homes and businesses.

Underfloor Heating and Cooling

Underfloor heating and cooling is a form of central heating and cooling which achieves indoor climate control and thermal comfort through even temperature distribution. It offers an invisible solution whereby the pipe system is installed below the surface of the floor allowing the freedom to design creative, flexible and spacious interiors.

Consistent temperature day and night The water based (hydronic) underfloor heating and cooling system is located underneath your floor which provides an even distribution of temperature throughout your home from the floor upwards. This in-turn creates a consistent temperature and resulting thermal comfort day and night. No interior compromise Warm water is gently circulating through pipes encapsulated within the floor slab so the system is effectively invisible and silent.

Enjoy total freedom when utilising wall space and arranging furniture. Warm floors Since heat is radiating from the floor, its surface is perfectly warm underfoot. Rooms featuring hard surfaces like tiles or polished concrete can become warm and cosy spaces.

Underfloor heating and cooling with warm water in the winter and cooling in the summer ensures a comfortable temperature in all buildings at any time of the year. The even temperature distribution means that underfloor heating and cooling saves energy, which is also good news for your wallet.


Radiator based heating solutions offer a residential or commercial space ultimate flexibility in designing a system that fits a particular room or zone. Waterware’s radiators are European designed and manufactured, and are of a high quality and finish. Constructed from pressed steel or alloy means they are durable, making them ideal for home life or in a commercial environment.

Offering a range of solutions that deliver a lower running cost through their ability to heat quickly, suitable for renovation or new build projects, and are not dependent on concrete or timber floors. Radiators offer an elegant and effective home heating solution to keep you warm and safe during those cooler temperatures. Quick response Radiators heat up quickly (within minutes) and can be programmed precisely around your timetable, plus unoccupied rooms can be switched completely off.

Renovation or new build When there is access below the floor, radiators are the simplest and least invasive to install. Concrete and timber floors Radiator systems are not dependent on concrete floor construction.

Heat Sources

Vaillant Heat Pumps

The Vaillant aroTHERM air to water heat pumps harvest free energy found in the air outside the building envelope, and convert it into all season comfort and convenience. Heat pumps from Vaillant are very quiet, powerful, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

• Low noise level (35dBA @4meters) ensures quiet operation for the comfort of home owners and neighbours.
• A high level of performance even when its -10°C outside.
• Ultra energy efficient and compared to a gas-fired system saves the equivalent CO2 emissions reduced by a forest area of around 2,500m2 .

Engineered in Germany, Vaillant heat pumps offer world leading quality and reliability. Vaillant have more than 140 years of experience in heating systems, including 40 years in the area of heat pumps. Cascade and hybrid power Multiple aroTHERM’s and/or Vaillant ecoTEC gas boilers can be seamlessly cascaded together to supersize system performance.

Vaillant ECOTEC Gas Boilers

The Vaillant ecoTEC gas boilers are a good choice for all manner of heating and hot water loads particularly in areas with reticulated natural gas.

• Capable of heating and domestic hot water
• ecoTEC are condensing boilers which utilize advanced combustion technology which scavenges energy found in the flue gas that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere, resulting in running efficiencies up to 112%
• Whisper quiet operation.
• Weather compensating control.
• Available in Ng or LPG configuration. Combi model Combination boiler versions include instantaneous domestic hot water production alongside the central heating function.

Hot water for up to three bathrooms is possible without the need for additional hot water cylinders or califonts.

Cascade power Multiple Vaillant ecoTEC gas boilers and/or aroTHERM’s can be seamlessly cascaded together to supersize system performance.

Grant Vortex Diesel Boilers

The Grant Vortex diesel boilers are a practical option particularly in areas lacking reticulated gas. The installation of a diesel boiler is typically more involved and costly than gas boilers but offer significant running cost savings over LPG options.

• Capable of heating and domestic hot water
• Grant Vortex boilers have also adopted flue condensing technology resulting in running efficiencies up to 97%
• Whisper quiet operation
• Advanced digital control panel enables the boiler to automatically switch duty from heating to domestic hot water production.
• Premium quality powder coated EZI-Fit high level flue set.

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